Race #1 – May 10th

Weather: 16°C, cloudy, 9km/h North Northwest Wind

Participants: 109

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 Grand Prize Qualifiers

4 Adult names, 3 KOS names and one bonus name are drawn each race, and placed into the perpetual pot. Grand prize winners will be drawn from the pot on May 31st.


  • Travis Smith
  • Nancy Goodall
  • Kevin Hope
  • Tracie McDonald


  • Nolan Kozakowski
  • Grace Takeuchi
  • Zoe Penno

Early Bird 4-Race Bonus

  • Naomi Brown


$20 Woodcock Gift Cards Random Winners

  • Kristopher Joy
  • Tim Driedger
  • Cindy Zechel


Photos courtesy of Fern Berard

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